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php - HTTP Headers for File Downloads - Stack Overflow

I'm guessing this is because I haven't set the "Content-type" in the response header. ... process for file downloads ( to-force-file- ..... How to get the correct .xls file from varnish cache?

AngularJS: factory $http.get JSON file - Stack Overflow

AngularJS: factory $http.get JSON file .... I'm looking for the simplest solution. I'm just trying to pull data for ng-repeat and similar directives.

Get Task

Get. Description. Gets files from URLs. When the verbose option is "on", this task ... Any URL schema supported by the runtime is valid here, including http:, ftp: ...

October 2013 - Angry Asian Man

31 Oct 2013 FILE UNDER: airline, dance, jon m. chu, kylie davis, mike song, mrs. song, ... The epic new trailer features the return of pretty much every major ...... the suspects appearing in rap videos posted on YouTube: St. Paul man finds ...